A Word from the Author

Soul to Soul is the premier of my very first e-cookbook series, featuring some of my favorite, "tried & true” recipes which many of you have been inquiring about. Now, you have the opportunity to try a few or try them all! This cookbook will inspire and encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and have some fun experimenting with bold and exciting flavors. Whether you're aiming to heat up the kitchen with your significant other, get your children to try new foods or desire to enhance your culinary skills, I promise you, your palate will never be the same. From my kitchen to your kitchen and from my soul to your soul, may your stomachs and souls be richly fed!


PRICE: $20.00


"The taste of the steak quesadillas is explosive and exciting. I bit into a mango...and then, there is steak! This is not a boring meal. This is such a HIT!"
"OMG! This recipe is ready to go!!! My family tore it up! You have me over here feeling like a chef! I cannot wait for your cookbook! The recipe is actually perfect. SO Bomb!"

"[These recipes] are BOMB!!! The shrimp & grits were just how I like it. The grits were creamy and so flavorful."